Can we use AI in our blog or not?


What is EAT Update

An EAT update, which stands for “experience, authority, and trustworthiness” update, is a term often associated with Google’s search algorithm updates. Google periodically updates its search algorithm to improve the quality of search results and ensure that users are provided with reliable and valuable information.

The EAT update, in particular, emphasises three key factors when evaluating web content:

  1. Expertise: Google assesses whether the content is created by individuals or organizations with expertise in the subject matter. High-quality content should be produced by knowledgeable and authoritative sources.
  2. Authoritativeness: Google looks at the credibility and authority of the content creator or website. Content from trusted sources or recognized experts is given more weight in search rankings.
  3. Trustworthiness: Trustworthiness relates to the reliability and accuracy of the information presented. Content should be factually accurate and free from misleading or false information.

By taking care of these three things, we can use AI completely.

  • Expertise

It means how much experience the informant has in the field.

  • Authoritativeness

How much traffic the content writer has on their website and how much traffic they receive

  • Trustworthiness

This means how reliable the website is, and how much information it has, is true or false.

You can definitely use AI if you meet Google’s stated policies and guidelines; just don’t use AI for ranking purposes, as stated in the update. By following, you can absolutely use AI.

Can we use AI on our blog?

Whether they are working on AI-generated content, whether their website is already benefiting from AI content, or whether their website has been targeted by Google simply because AI content is powered by artificial intelligence, Google has a very clear position about it. That’s how it works; you must use it, or you can avoid it entirely. How much we personally use here is what I’m going to share with you in this video, not myself.

I’m going to paraphrase this page for you guys in Urdu so you can understand what Google is saying, so let’s get started and go to the screen. Here is the link. I will also give in detail that Google search guidance about AI is about general things that we will not discuss. V Call: Experience and Trust If it is found in your content If it is missing from your blog, then your blog will be penalised, whether the content is written by humans or generated by AI. Now What are these three things in it? But first, let’s clarify what Google says about e-content. Earlier article spinners would scroll through the content; now people take AI through the content, and the system knows how to detect these issues.

When there is an update, the side goes down just because of the AI content. There is no reason, because Google is very clear here. I am going to tell you that these editions have updated the page. We will discuss these things later. They are down. If you subscribe to the line, the automation is against the guideline. Listen to this line very carefully. If you use AI, then there is a Google search guideline; if you use AI only for ranking purposes, which are Google’s updates, it will be affected.

Talking about the trust of experience and also talking about expertise, two days ago I wrote an article about AI’s throw and AI that claims we human generator content. well-written content. And when I started studying the content, to my surprise, there was nothing compelling Kevin to interact with me because is a website that is completely connected and Do they know what Ismail’s experience is like? I started making changes to this thing, and it took me two days to edit it. That talks about E-A-T experts from the last 2 In Experts, I explained how a block is classified. There I have taken some examples, some of the parties we have sold, followed by a discussion about authority.

They make you happy when it comes to the user experience. When it comes to interest, your customer trusts you. If they don’t come back to your blog again, it will have those things done; the right content will soon be corrupted; they will see it on this; then everything will be claimed. Now, what does Google say about this? Why did I do all these things because I wanted to give the best information to my audience? If I don’t give them, now they are coming down.

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