Google CEO Sundar Pichai Earn 1663 Crores Per Year And 5-6 Crores Per Day


Who is Sundar Pichai?

Sundar Pichai is a businessman who was born on 10 June 1972 in a city Madurai, Tamil Nadu India, who had a passion for software engineering since his childhood. He obtained his IT degree from Kharagpur  and then completed his MS degree in it from Stanford University and after that he joined a university in Pennsylvania to complete his final degree. I started at Google in 2004 and was made the CEO of Google in 2015.

What is the role of a CEO in a company?

In fact, he is the highest ranking person in the company and takes care of decision planning and strategy for the company. It can make a strategy and plan for it in the coming time i.e. in the future what will benefit the company more and what will cause loss and maintains its strategy. For example, a company is like a car. And the CEO is the engine of this vehicle. The CEO is a title in the company that changes the models and strategies on a daily basis. The CEO is responsible for overseeing strategy. As Sundar Pichai started his life with Google from 2004 and his achievements and his honesty and interest in each and every strategy given by him has benefited Google in every field since then. In 2015 Gangal chose him as the CEO thus Sundar Pichai got the position of CEO in 2015.

How did this man become the richest CEO in the world?

This story starts from 2014 when Microsoft was going to have a new CEO but Sundar Pichai was already working with Google and Sundar Pichai had a lot of attachment to Microsoft so if anyone asked him for advice that you If he worked with Google, he would have forbidden it. He wanted to leave Google himself, but after seeing his performance, Google did not want to lose him from his Google employer.

Similarly, Google doubled his salary and Anyway, till now Sundar has done many feats with Google and in this era of AI, Google is the most maintainer. Neither down nor lost much but he has gained a lot in the past and still only his title goes to Sundar Pichai because this man is very sharp minded and cunning who always He is ready for the coming time, that’s why his salary has increased a lot. Due to these many reasons, Google pays Sundar Pichai a lot of salary and now his salary is increased to 663 crores in 2024. And there is a way that Google pays five to six crores per month.

How Earn 1663 Crores Per Year And 5-6 Crores Per Day

Mr. Pichai had a basic salary of $652,500 in 2015. This does not, however, imply that this is his CEO compensation as of right now. With regard to pay, this was a “straddle” year, meaning he was Product Chief for the most of the year and served as CEO for only a portion of it (beginning on October 2). It is reasonable to presume that his promotion included a significant pay increase. It will take another year before we find out his whole compensation.Now Sundar Pichai will earn 1883 crores per year in 2024.

What is the relationship between Google and Sundar Pichai?

At one time, Microsoft was the most recognized search engine in the world and the fastest service provider. Since the day he joined Google, no search engine has been able to overtake Google. Sundar Pichai’s sharp intelligence has always kept Google ahead. Because of Sundar Pichai, many new features were installed in Google like Chrome Google. Drive, Google, Gmail, Google Maps and many other such features were introduced, so Sundar Pichai and Google have a very close relationship in apps.

Google vs. Microsoft

In the beginning Microsoft was the most popular search engine in the world because it launched software like HP in the world and the most run in the world Microsoft was the most used software in the world but After Google, this search engine had to retreat a little and due to the development of Google day by day, Microsoft has gone far behind in the world and the most used and powerful search engine in the world is Google, which is completely Billions are used worldwide

Who is the richest CEO in the world?

The richest CEO in the world is Sundar Pichai who is said to be the CEO of Google followed by Elon Musk Markus Work and many other CEOs.

How much does Sundar Pichai earn in a day?

Sundar Pichai charges around 365 crores a year and takes a monthly salary of around 5-6 crores a per day.

Who is the CEO of Google?

Absolutely Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google who got the rank of CEO of Google in 2015.

When was Sundar Pichai made the CEO of Google?

By the way, Sundar Pichai joined Google in 2004 and was promoted to CEO in 2015 after working continuously as an applicant.

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