How to find low-difficulty and high-volume keywords for blogging

How to find low-difficulty and high-volume keywords for blogging

What Is Keyword

First of all, we need to know what keywords are. Actually, a Keyword is a collection of words, and what is called a keyword is the collection of words used around your business brand. . These are the keywords used in our daily lives. In fact, in the online world, keywords are what are given to the Google search engine in the form of words. They are called keywords.

What Are Low Difficulty Keywords

As I have mentioned above, the keywords are actually used in the web blog, and Low-difficulty keywords are the keywords that are related to our brand, our service, or words or names that are ranking on the first page of Google. Are there keywords that we can easily work on and rank on the Google search engine? For example, there is a car brand that is a very big brand, and its difficulty is high because its search volume is the highest. If it happens, its difficulty will also be high. On the contrary, if a brand is a small business, then its difficulty will be low. A calculator has been made to show the difficulty, which is counted from 0 to 100. It’s about four and is divided into six parts. From 0 to 15, if there is a keyword’s ability, then it is easy to rank. In the second rank, there is a faculty between 15 and 30, which is possible; it may be possible to get a P rank; in the third rank, from 30 to 45, it is a little difficult, which we can work on. There are, but it requires a little more effort and writing more content. After that, the difficulty that starts is hard and is considered very hard. It means that the more the difficulty increases, the more the content must be of high quality. And it is also important to have a backlink for the website.

There are many tools and websites on Google to check the difficulty of keywords, and you can easily check the difficulty. Among these are some of the most used websites, which I have mentioned below. 


Google Keyword Planner

Google Trend

Google Search Console

Google Trends

Competitor websites 



Related searches



Moz Keyword Explorer


Keywords Everywhere


Why is it important to work on low-difficulty keywords?

See, it’s important to know how easy and how difficult something is for us, because a word with a high difficulty tells Google that there is a lot of content published on it and related data for the Google search engine. There are so many of them that it can make your website very difficult to run, so it is important to work on keywords that have high difficulty and are easy to rank for quickly. If we work on Low-difficulty keywords, it is possible to get on the first page of Google very quickly, and the traffic can also start. How quickly you can rank in the Google search engine. For beginners, I would suggest that you work on Low-difficulty keywords as much as possible, which are between 0 and 15.

How can we find low-difficulty keywords?

There are some ways that you can easily find low-difficulty keywords and use them for your blog. By the way, there are many ways to find such keywords, but I am going to tell you some authentic methods that you can apply to find keywords with low difficulty. And we can find many keywords that too within a few minutes, so let’s see what ways we can easily find such keywords.

Google Search bar

The first method is that if you want to write your blog on the keywords, that is, the categories from which you want a low-difficulty keyword, then you should go and search for those keywords on Google or right up to a two-word search. If you do, Google will show you many keywords that people are searching for on Google and related to this e-category. 

People Also Ask

When we go to Google and search for anything, the first website is shown at the top, and after that, the portion of People Also Ask is visible. In cases where there are questions that are related to our search keywords and people want answers to these questions, we can also get ideas from them. What kind of content do people want, and what do people want on Google? There are those who ask Google, for example, should we start blogging and how should we find tours? Then we can target such keywords.

Related searches

Google itself has a third portion of Related Searches, which lists what users are searching for and may have similar content or similar keywords as a suggestion. Maybe this is also an excellent way that we can get ideas from it and find low-difficulty keywords by collecting all the keywords that are showing up in the search results, checking their difficulty, and then focusing on them. Can write blogs. This option is done by Google itself so that it is easy for users to search and we can cover them.

Google Trend

Google Trends is a Google platform where the most trending news blogs and informative information are displayed. The news is trending internationally in the world. Some can also find keywords for themselves, what people have searched for most recently on Google, and whether Google has shown them the data because the news that goes viral recently tends to trend. Word is always difficult because most of the content is not published on Google, so we can use it immediately and post it on our blog.

Google Keyword Planner

Google has its own tool called Google Keyword Planner, in which you can easily find low-basicity cures that have been recently searched on Google and are preferred by Google itself. That you can find keywords using Google Keyword Cleaner can get you lots and lots of viewers because it is Google’s own tool where AuthenticUp gets information that its If you know how many words are difficult and how many are not, then you must use them too.

Competitor websites 

We have to find keywords when we go to Google. We can consider all the websites that are shown on the first page and find keywords for ourselves. We have to visit their website and see that we can get some idea of what keywords these people have used on their website and on their blog, and thus we can also find many low-difficulty keywords because they have used many keywords in their blog. Keywords will be used, which can be beneficial for us.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and All Social Media Platforms

If you have found all the keywords from Google and still want more low-difficulty keywords, then you can go to social media platforms like Facebook. There is a lot of audience on Facebook, and its search and length are quite high, so you can also get suggestions from there about what people have searched on Facebook and what is being searched. By searching and using it on a daily basis, you can also find a lot of very low-difficulty keywords and use them in your blog as well as on any social media platform. Searching above, you can find a lot of keywords, like Tik Tok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, that use each of these social media platforms.

Medium, Linkedin, Quora, Haro, Pinterest 

Sometimes it happens that we search for some keywords or anything on Google, and then instead of Google, platforms like Quora are running on the first page, and this is because Google does not have such content. That is posted on Quora, and it gets ranked because Google has to give the information to the user no matter what platform it is; it ranks it. This is a great opportunity for us at Google. Provide information that is available on other platforms so that Google can run and rank us more because we are providing information to Google that it does not have, as well as platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Forms sometimes get on the first page because they have information that Google doesn’t. This platform is great for doing keyword research. We can also get ideas from them.

Medium, Linkedin, Quora, Haro, Pinterest 

What will we benefit from the low-difficulty keyword?

This is a signal to us that keywords with low difficulty mean that Google has very little data related to that keyword, which is likely to provide this information to Google first. On the other hand, if the difficulty of one’s keywords is too high, it means that Google has a lot of related information, and therefore our website cannot rank on the first page because many websites are already ranked on Google. If we use low-difficulty keywords, there are very high chances that Google will show us on the first page, thus our website can get a lot of traffic.

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