How to start a Bloging


How to start a bloging ?

How to start a bloging

What Is Blog

First of all, let us know what blogging . Blogging is the name of a web blog. Whatever Information we share on our website is called a blog. We share our information.offer for Google search engine, where does the blog? Any information that is present around us running through our minds Whatever the situation, happiness, trouble, or money coming into our lives. We can present it in the form of a blog for the Google search engine. Before starting to blog, we need to take care of some things. There are some privacy or other policies Keeping the middle eye on which we need to start the blog Today I am going to describe the human information in detail with you guys. Today I will tell you where you should We start blogging.

1 Website Creation

The first step to starting blogging is to have a website. First of all, we need a website to start blogging. Basically, the website acts as a host. First, we buy web hosting. The example ofWeb hosting is like taking a house on rent. Web hosting connects to a server. And Nowadays, there are many web servers offering web hosting. By the way, there areThere are many hosting providers in this world. You should see which provider is the fastest and most secure. Their response time is very good and fast. Whose hosting is easy and fast?way. You need to do research to see these things. There are many web hosting services selling companies in the market. Let me mention some such companies that are very famous.You can advise anyone by recharging the thoughts of these.

Hosting Example

  • Bluehost
  • SiteGround
  • HostGator
  • Hostinger
  • Namecheap
  • A2 Hosting
  • DreamHost
  • InMotion Hosting
  • Liquid Web

2 Domain Selection

As I said, the first step is hosting. Similarly, the second step is the domain. The domain basically acts like a rented shop. As we change the hosting plan, similarly, the domain is also purchased. The domain needs to be renewed every year. Whenever we go to Google and search anything . So we get information in the form of a website. The URL of the job website that we are getting is actually the same domain. And this domain is secured with an SSL certificate.The most important character in blogging belongs to domains. We can buy the domain.and install Wardpress Blogger on it. And whatever information blog we post, it is onWordPress or Blogger of our same domain. And whatever we post or share on our blog, it is on this WordPress or Blogger store.

As I said earlier, the most important thing in blogging is the domain itself. That’s why we have to think very carefully about selecting the domain. We should do a lot of research while buying.a domain. We should buy a domain that is already ranking on Google. One should buy related to such domains, which are already very famous on Google. Which is already ranking on the first page of Google. If we buy admin without research or without any selection So it would not be wrong to say that ranking on Google can take a lot of time.That’s why I want to explain to you that while buying a domain, you should buy such a domain, which is already ranked on Google. If you buy a domain related to such a domain, there should be someone similar to it.

Domain Example

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Netflix
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Imdb
  • Bbc
  • Fox
  • Forbes

3 Niche Selection

Now the third step is to select the niche. This third stage is no less than the other two stages.mentioned above. We have also created a website and bought a domain. Now theThe question arises: who should work on niches? The selection of a niche is also very the above two options were necessary. Nice means what information did we go to Google for?now . Selection is also not very easy. People make websites, but come here and stop should be done in niches. People get confused after coming to this step. What should they do now?So I will give you this advice: Look around you and see what is being searched the most for.Google. Anyway, we know everything that is going on around us. What do people need?What’s wrong with people? What I mean is that, as far as possible, research should be done.on Google that what people are searching for the most, what are their issues on Google, whichThey want to solve it with Google. What questions do people have that they are not getting and are looking for? You can give a solution to each and every issue of these searching people.and you can provide information about everything. or you can do what you are interested in. You The same, your interesting information on Google can be shared. In this way, your information will also reach others, and you can also earn from blogging.

Niche Example

  • Health and Wellness:
  • Technology:
  • Sustainable Living:
  • Personal Finance:
  • Pet Care:
  • Hobbies and Crafts:
  • Food and Cooking:
  • Beauty and Skincare:
  • Home Improvement:
  • Travel and Adventure:

Let me tell you about some niches on which you can therefore run on Google. And easily you can do blogging by working. Two things are taken care of while selecting new One is that it should have a lot of people searching for it. And the second is that his difficulty should be very low.

4 Content Creation

We have also created a website, bought a domain, and selected a niche. Now comes the fourth step of content. You must know that Google has knowledge of everything. Everything Information is available. Google has such information available in lakhs and crores from which people are doing research. Then why will Google show our information to the public?That’s a lot to think about. Ok, Google already has information about everything; then what?What information should we give it? So the best way is to give such information to Google. which Google does not already have. So I will try to give such attractive and cool information. that Google doesn’t already have. If someone else comes to Google and searches something so Google can show your information to him. and this from Google The principle is that it covers the same thing that has the most authentic information. So try to present high quality contact with Google So that your website receives the highest possible ranking. If you can do this, As I have said, there is no doubt that your website can rank.

Content Example

  • Understand Your Audience
  • 100% Human Written
  • Define Your Goals
  • Plan and Organize
  • Quality Over Quantity
  •  out numerous pieces
  • Research Thoroughly
  • Engaging Headlines
  • Use Visuals Wisely
  • Formatting is Key
  • Tell Stories
  • Call to Action
  • SEO Optimization
  • Proofread and Edit

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