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For people who want to earn in the online field but don’t have anything to invest, I am going to suggest free-of-charge blogging for those people because it is one of the highest paying. And there is a great online business to start with zero investment that one can start after learning a little. So here I am going to give complete details on how we should start Blogging with zero investment.

What is Blog

A blog is a Web Blog in the Internet world that people post and publish on the Internet for information. It comes in many forms, including photo blogs. It is also in the form of videos and articles, which are posted on the Internet. It started in 1994 and continued to post on Google, and till now, millions of people have done this work. Posting your ideas in the form of articles, pictures, and videos on the Internet is called a Blog.

What should be the first step to starting blogging?

Before starting to blog, we need to look at the society and environment around us, and it is also important to see if I am going to start blogging and what my interests are. Because it has to be done daily, it is not a one-day job that should be done and left; it has to be done daily. Therefore, it is important to have human activities and qualifications; it also benefits us that we are physically performing a task in our daily lives. On the other hand, we can also earn from the online world by presenting the same work in the form of a blog. You can generate a good amount of income. The first step is to find out what you are interested in, which is also called a niche. Finding a Niche is the first step to starting to blog.

What is niche finding, and which niche should we select?

Actually, Niche, which means quality, is a hobby that we do daily for the selection of work that we should start. Well, before starting to blog, we take advice from people and do research on YouTube and Google. Karte, which tells us many niches and suggests that you can start working on this niche.

But my belief is that you should work in the niche in which you have an interest, and in physical life, you have your hands in this field every day so that you do not face much difficulty in working and do not need to learn much. Because you are already in this field, you just have to physically convert it to an inline field. The biggest advantage will be that you are completely inside this field, and you will also know how much profit and how much loss there is because profit and loss are also seen.

Before we start any work, we see how much we will profit and how much we will lose. If we do wrong, then there will be a loss, and if we do right, then we will benefit. Therefore, my advice to everyone is to shift the business and the work you are doing physically to the online field only. Do it and you will have double profit; you will also benefit physically; it will also be beneficial in the online field; and you can earn a lot in both ways.

Top Best Niches

  1. Career
  2. Business
  3. Marketing
  4. Sales
  5. Web development and design
  6. Education
  7. Real Estate
  8. Pop culture and entertainment
  9. Gaming
  10. Finance
  11. Food and Beverage
  12. Fashion and beauty
  13. Pets
  14. Hobbies
  15. Technology
  16. Personal Relationships
  17. News and Politics
  18. Self-care and wellness
  19. Sports and Exercise
  20. Travel
  21. Cryptocurrency
  22. Ai 
  23. Make Money 
  24. Science and medicine
  25. Relationships
  26. News

Website Creation 

After finding a niche, the second step is to create our website. There are two ways to create a website: if you have money to spend, you can buy premium web hosting and domains. But I have already told you how we can do blogging for free, so all the methods I will tell you about today will be free.

First of all, create an account on This is a Google platform where we can create a website for free. And by publishing your content on it, you can bring visitors to your website and generate traffic to your website. This is a free website-creation platform provided by Google. Let me tell you guys that if you search anything on Google, the blog support website will not appear anywhere on the first page because it is a free platform for beginners. Is. Whereas bloggers can use this platform to learn, first we have to take advantage of this website for free to learn, and when we learn this blogging properly, then we move to a premium website.

Go to this website, create an account, and add a domain related to your niche. Select your domain for a keyword related to the niche you will work on. After that, a good free version. Pick up the templates and add them to this website. Optimize the creation and design of this website. Create pages on this website and create categories related to the niche we are working on.

Top Best Free Website Creation Platform

Top Best Free Website Creation Platform




Blog Writing & Publishing 

Now that our website is ready, the first task is to upload our article. For this, find Keywords related to your niche, which has very low competition, and write an article on those keywords. Write an excellent article with full details and information, and also find a good image for this article.

Now, to publish the numbered article, it is necessary to do On-page SEO of the article, because if you do on-page SEO of this article, then hopefully it can be ranked on the first page. We will talk about Keyword Research and on-page SEO in the next article. For this article, do good image optimization and add two or four images. Add an internal keyword inside the image. Use alt tags. Then, after that, internal linking is also necessary.

After writing the article, we will submit it to the Google search engine after doing SEO, image optimization, and internal linking. So that it is indexed and then gets ranked, connect your website with the search console for the search engine, and then submit each of your articles to the search console for indexing.

After submitting the article to the search console, your task is to share your post on social media platforms. So that your post-up article and your content reach more people, this is very beneficial for ranking. Create accounts on all social media platforms and share your posts.

The next step after that is that of page SO. What is off-page SEO with complete details? We will talk about it in the next article. I will give a little suggestion that the authority of your website increases with off-page SEO. It is linked to another website.

How to Create a Premium Website If you want to create one, you can Contact Us. You can also contact us about how to rank your website on the first page of Google. We will tell you about the cheapest and best web hosting, with more details on each of the details given above. You can contact us through each of the given contact methods, and you will be explained in detail for free.

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