Invest Rs 1 and earn Rs 1 million from blogging in 2024.

Invest Rs 1 and earn Rs 1 million from blogging in a few months.

Is it possible to make an investment of 1 rupee and earn 1 million from it? You will be wondering if it is possible. Yes, absolutely yes, you can definitely earn one million rupees within a few days of investing one rupee. I am talking about blogging. Invest one rupee in it and earn up to one million rupees. You can earn even more or less than that. It also depends on how you understand blogging and how you work on it; for that, you have to understand blogging first, which I explained in my previous post about blogging.

Why should we do blogging to earn money?

If seen, blogging is the only skill that can earn up to millions of dollars because everything in the online field depends on blogging because any brand or business in the world needs content writing. We can also call content writing as blogging. You can say that learning the skill of blogging will be very beneficial for you in the future. I personally do blogging and have earned enough from it, so you guys, I suggest that you can do blogging. The first thing people have to understand is that it is a part-time job. You can start blogging in your free time, and always remember that it is a lifelong business. You can’t understand.

How much money can bloggers make?

If you select a niche to start blogging, which can be the most profitable, you can definitely earn 100 dollars a day. I told you in the previous post how to earn the most. Maybe if you get a single daily visitor to your website, then it will earn almost 0.01 dollars, so if you get 1000 daily visitors to your blog, you can definitely earn up to 100 dollars. And it should be remembered that if you have Tier 1 country users on your website, you can earn more per day, so before you start blogging, you must think that Tier 1 users are on our website. HOW TO GET ON THE SITE If you want to start blogging, remember to target tier-one premium countries.

Select a profitable niche.

The most profitable niche can be finance because most people know that most income and money are in the finance category, and then you can also blog about online earning and also about yourself. You can write a blog that is included in the provable niche; you can also select the bank niche; you can get maximum CPC by writing a blog on bank information; and there are many more such niches. There are available options whose CPC,eCPM, and earnings can be very high, which can prove to be a profitable niche for us.

The Best Types of Blogging

Well, there are many types of blogging in this world; you can do blogging in countless categories, but I will share some types of blogging here that you can easily cover and start blogging on. can be done, which can be easy for you and profitable for you.

The Best Types of Blogging

Digital product sales

In the online world, one can create a store on Google or on any website to buy and sell digital products, like on major platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, Shopify, etc. You can earn from it; it will also be your blog and market; you can benefit from both of these things, and you can save your commission and earn from it. Do the ones that have the highest sales and the highest commissions so that your margins are high.

Product Review Website

You can write a blog on any product and give a review of it. This is a great blogging idea from start to finish. You can have two benefits. You can also write a review of the product. and can also promote it, which can double your earnings. There are many products used in daily life that you can write reviews on and post on your website.

Downloading website

Now-a-days, trying to download anything by going to Google is like downloading an updated version of the social media platform, and there are many apps that can be downloaded by going to Google. For that, social media videos and images are also downloaded, and the most downloaded thing that is tried to be downloaded on Google is movies. You can also give reviews on them, which will be called downloading websites.

Services website

If you are into blogging or any such skill that you are an expert in, you can upsell it, create a great portfolio website, and showcase your skills to people in person. By promoting on social media platforms, you can sell your services and your skills to your clients. It doesn’t necessarily matter what skill you are good at. can do

Services website

Guest posting(GBOB)

Every website that exists on the internet is very important to link to other websites. As one human links to another, it is important to link the websites to each other. Site linking is called guest posting. You can also provide this service. Find websites that need guest posting and then mail them, link two websites, and earn from them. which is one of the cheapest blogging tools.


Above, I have mentioned that you can earn by selling your services in the online world; this is called freelancing. In freelancing, you can sell any skill on any platform. The best way to do this is to create your own portfolio website and promote yourself on all the freelancing platforms. You can resell any service if you have someone who is an expert in the skill. So you can find clients for him and save your commission.

Internship blogging

If you don’t have enough money to invest to build your own website and you also have the risk that I can’t do it well right now and you have very little experience in this field, then you can contact bloggers whose websites are already there. You may even be able to create your own website.

Blogging on YouTube

You can create your own channel on YouTube and sell your services by showing videos. You can share your problems during blogging with people in videos. You can share the skill with people in the form of videos that will benefit other people, and you will earn money because you will know what the criteria for YouTube monetization are if you fulfil  them. Earnings can begin.

Affiliate marketing, blogging 

If you have nothing to do or don’t have any skills, you don’t have your own brand, you don’t have a product, and you don’t have a business. You can further resell and grow the businesses of others, which is called affiliate marketing. In this case, your commission will be given to you. For example, if they sell their item for Rs. If you are selling it, then you sell it for 110 rupees and keep a margin of 10 rupees on your product or brand; this is called affiliate marketing.

Email marketing 

You can do E-mail marketing with it; up-brands can track the emails of any business and send them through email. Email marketing is a huge business, which is called the biggest marketing business in the world. A business and brand handle email traffic, so you can earn from it by understanding email marketing.

Partnership in Branding

You can partner with any running brand and sell it on your own commission. Create a website, and the brand that is already selling will sell it on your website. Also promote this way, the sales of the brand will increase, and you will get your own earnings. There are many brands in this world, and you can partner with any of them.


Advertising is the biggest business in the world, on which the world’s marketing is running. You can also create advertising websites and give users to any brands. You can do this advertising on your website if you have If there is a lot of traffic and users, then you can advertise any brand. I mean, you can provide your ads to the publisher, which can earn a lot of money for the advertiser.

How to Start a Blog with Simple Steps

Choose a blogging platform

First of all, you have to select a platform. Well, there are many platforms in the online world where you can do blogging, and above, I have mentioned many paid platforms. For example, the most commonly used is Blogger Wix. Google YouTube You can select any platform. After selecting the platform, follow these steps:

Claim a domain name

Select a domain name related to the niche you want to work in. Do and buy up a domain with the same name to buy two main domains. There are many companies that provide good domains, like GoDaddy Hostinger. You can up-select a company like Bluehost.

Purchase web hosting

After buying the domain, the next step is hosting. If you need hosting to host your website somewhere, buy hosting from any good company and host your domain there.

Upload your blog

After buying hosting and hosting your domain, the third step on your website is to upload your blog, for example, your website logo, name, description, etc.

Design your website.

After creating a website, the most important thing is to design your website. You have to design your website according to the niche you have selected, because if you have created your website for product reviews, You have to design it accordingly, and if you have created a portfolio website, then you have to design it in a professional way so that any user can find your website more easily. Stay more than and like this blog.

Design your website.
Install some plugins

Install the plugins that are necessary on your website because some plugins are necessary for our website without which we cannot work on it, like the SEO plugin for doing SEO. There are many more plugins that are essential, but don’t install too many plugins that slow down your website.

Plan your content

After the website is ready, your job is now to research the content. It is important for you to post high-quality content that can be helpful to the user. Add as much information as possible.

Write and publish

After understanding and researching the content, start writing it. After a complete description and information, design your blog. Design it and make it look professional. Add high-quality images to your blog. Complete the article. Publish after

Promote your blog

After completing the steps mentioned above, promote your website and your blog as much as possible. Social media platforms can be very beneficial for you to promote your blog. Share on social media platforms and promote more

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